Citizen Science and Earthquakes

Traditionally, you wouldn’t think about earthquakes in Oklahoma. But, since 2009, earthquakes have been part of life in the state. ( This has raised a lot of questions. Are these earthquakes due to human activities or is there something else. Some of the quakes are definitely related to human activities, but not necessarily to whatContinue reading “Citizen Science and Earthquakes”

Heart Health Month – February – A look at the human heart.

This is an updated version of a column that was first published in February 2019. Have you ever noticed that when organizations are trying to raise awareness about something, try to tie it to an event or celebration that relates?  February is all about Valentines and Love, so of course, if you want to raiseContinue reading “Heart Health Month – February – A look at the human heart.”

From here to there – interesting things are everywhere

When I sit down to write about science, I usually think about what is happening in the world. It is January and February is right around the corner. But, then again the calendar is just an abstraction, as January in the northern hemisphere is winter, but in the southern one it is summer, and ifContinue reading “From here to there – interesting things are everywhere”

You have a Science Laboratory in the Palm of Your Hand

Our world is changing rapidly.  During my college days, computers were a marvel.  My first computer was a device that had 65KB of RAM (random access memory, the working memory of the device), and memory was expensive (this fact dates me).  Note the unit is kilobytes – 1000 bytes. The Apollo 11 space craft’s guidanceContinue reading “You have a Science Laboratory in the Palm of Your Hand”