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Want to learn about Science? Fun facts and news on science related topics.

All About Science is a continuation of science related articles and topics. Beginning in 2015, All About Science was a column in the local Ponca City News (Ponca City Oklahoma). But as we have seen, the world is changing and it is a new day. All About Science is back and will now be an electronic version. It will contain a mix of old favorites and new insights. Join us to learn about how science is part of your everyday life. If you like our content and want more, subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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States of Matter

How many states of matter are there? If you remember your general science class, you are likely to say three; solid, liquid, and gas. But, somewhere along the line, you like in a physics course or physical science course, you might have heard the number four; solid, liquid, gas and plasma. I have this debateContinue reading “States of Matter”


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