You have a Science Laboratory in the Palm of Your Hand

Our world is changing rapidly.  During my college days, computers were a marvel.  My first computer was a device that had 65KB of RAM (random access memory, the working memory of the device), and memory was expensive (this fact dates me).  Note the unit is kilobytes – 1000 bytes. The Apollo 11 space craft’s guidanceContinue reading “You have a Science Laboratory in the Palm of Your Hand”

From the Archive – A Different View of the World

A more in depth look at the States of Matter This column first appeared in October 2016, in the Ponca City News. When taking any general science class, one of the questions that might be asked is:  what are the states of matter?  Matter is essentially the stuff that makes up our world.  And, mostContinue reading “From the Archive – A Different View of the World”

From the Archives – Science behind Tattoos

One of more popular topics that All About Science covered in the Ponca City News was the science behind tattoos. Ultimately, this topic was covered in an expanded article for InChemistry, and other interviews. Here is the original column. What do Otzi, the iceman; a Peruvian mummy, and Kat Von D all have in common? Continue reading “From the Archives – Science behind Tattoos”

Is 2020 really over? Or, exactly what day is it?

This posting was made on January 3, 2021, according to my computer. And, if you ask someone what day it is and you are likely to get this same date (if you read the post on that day). This date is the one that based upon the Gregorian Calendar, the one commonly used by theContinue reading “Is 2020 really over? Or, exactly what day is it?”